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Author Guide

Contents of Blood Advances Author Guide

Journal Scope – For specific information detailing Blood Advances’ scope with a newly added category on Health Services and Outcomes.

Article Types – For detailed descriptions of the various article types that will be considered for publication by Blood Advances.

Manuscript Preparation – For general requirements and recommendations for preparing your manuscript for submission including:

  • manuscript organization requirements

  • guidelines for image preparation

  • information on supplemental data

  • editing services for non-English speakers

Manuscript Submission – For a helpful list of what information you should have on hand before beginning the online submission process.

Peer Review – For details about Blood Advances' peer review process and policies, including instructions for reviewers.

Revised Manuscripts – For general information to prepare your revised manuscript. 

Accepted Manuscripts – For procedures and policies related to your accepted manuscript including:

  • copyright transfer

  • file formatting

  • figure preparation

  • typeset requirements

  • cover illustrations

  • proofreading

Publication Fees – For a list of possible publication fees applicable for each article type, including details about our publication fee, supplemental data fee, and reprint fees.

Editorial Policies for Authors – For detailed descriptions of Blood Advances' policies regarding:

  • authorship criteria

  • conflict of interest disclosure

  • originality

  • publication of medical research involving human subjects

  • data sharing, distribution of reagents, and compound structure disclosure

  • deposition into public databases

  • clinical trial reporting and registry

  • guidelines for stem cell research

  • public access options for authors

  • submission of NIH-funded accepted manuscripts to PubMed Central

  • press embargo policy

Errata – For a brief description of errata, how they are utilized by Blood Advances, and instructions on how to submit an erratum request.

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